The Importance Of Regular Dental Check Ups

Are you someone who prefers to avoid the dentist’s chair unless you’re in serious pain? It may seem like you’re simplifying your life by preventive dentistrycutting down to only the essential appointments. But what would happen if you chose to make regular dental visits when you’re feeling well instead? You could save yourself hundreds or thousands of dollars in prevented complications--not to mention weeks, months or years of pain or discomfort. Learn more from your Avon dentist at Associates in Family Dentistry.

How Preventative Dentistry Saves You Money and Time

The time and money spent on preventative care is minuscule compared to what you’ll spend on treating problems after they’ve already set in. Here are some of the most common things you can help prevent just by showing up for your regularly scheduled cleanings.

  • Fillings: Your biannual appointments give you a chance to get your teeth thoroughly cleaned, helping to prevent decay before it begins.
  • Stains: Teeth yellow naturally as time goes on, but excessive staining can build up if you avoid your regular cleaning.
  • Periodontitis: Gum disease is a common dental condition that can lead to excessive tooth decay, infection, receding gums and even bone loss if left untreated. Professional cleanings help keep gum inflammation at bay and prevent it from ever getting to this advanced stage, when the treatment becomes much more extensive.
  • Root canals: Many people wait so long to visit the dentist that an infection is already raging by the time they do. Root canals are done in an attempt to save a severely infected tooth, but the best treatment for this is prevention.
  • Tooth extraction: A tooth that is damaged beyond repair will need to be removed to prevent it from wreaking havoc on your dental health.
  • Dental implants, bridges and dentures: These are popular ways to restore your smile after you’ve lost teeth, but countless patients might have prevented the need for them had they committed to maintaining their smile while it was still healthy.

Family Dentistry in Avon, IN

As more time passes without a dental checkup, the conditions you're at risk for become more painful and more expensive to treat. A few simple cleanings each year can keep thousands of dollars in your pocket and keep your natural smile healthy, clean and strong. Visit Associates in Family Dentistry to help ensure a lifetime of bright smiles. Call your family dentist in Avon, IN at (317) 272-2700 or request your appointment now.