Perio Protect Method

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Perio Protect Method
The New Alternative
A Revolutionary Dental Breakthrough

The Perio Protect Method (PPM) is an innovative breakthrough in the treatment of periodontal disease. The Perio Trays allow your dentist to prescribe antimicrobial agents to treat the infection in the periodontal pockets.

The Perio Trays fit comfortably over your teeth allowing you to function normally while the medications are delivered to the source of the problem.

Perio trays offers these outstanding patient benefits:

• Kills bacteria through the antimicrobial actions
• Reduces the inflammation
• Reduces swelling and pain
• Stops gingival bleeding
• Helps control bacteria that cause bad breath
• Restores normal healthy gingiva
• Some antimicrobial agents soften calculus from a
barnacle to chalky consistency
• Makes cleanings easier and less painful
• Can be use to whiten teeth
• Can be used to deliver local analgesics to manage
• Provides long-lasting results
• Inhibits re-infection and disease

Clinical evidence has shown some patients using the Perio ProtectMethod have significant healing and tissue repair. The PPM system offers every doctor and patient an easy and effective way to manage gingivitis and periodontitis...for a lifetime.