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Relaxing Pediatric Dentistry in Avon

Introducing kids to quality dental services from a young age builds a stable foundation for a lifetime of great oral health. At Associates in Family Dentistry, we are committed to providing quality and gentle dental care services for kids in Avon. Our services are available for children as young as one year and cover various issues ranging from tooth decay to bite problems.

We are passionate about identifying and treating oral health issues early before they worsen. Our team of qualified professionals is led by Craig Mueller, DDS, a pediatric dentist, and Dr. Ashley Benson. We have the experience and knowledge necessary to provide great dental services to your children. If you are looking for quality pediatric dentistry in Avon, we can help. Contact us today to protect and restore your kids' oral health.


Should Your Child Visit a Pediatric Dentist?

Taking your child to see a pediatric dentist is one of the best decisions you can make to protect their oral health. While general dentists can also treat kids, pediatric dentists have extra training and specialize in addressing kids' dental needs. Pediatric dentists know how to keep your child relaxed and comfortable. They can also help you break habits that may be harmful to your child's oral health, such as thumb sucking and the use of pacifiers.

When you bring your little one to our practice, you can be sure of stellar services tailored to your child's needs. With decades of experience, our friendly team knows how to adapt to children's behavior and earn a child's trust to enhance their comfort when performing dental procedures. Our office is designed to be kid-friendly, and our Avon pediatric dentist uses specific tools and equipment for kids to ensure efficiency and maximum comfort.

Dental Services for Avon Children and Teens

We offer a variety of dental services for kids from ages 1-18. Our services are designed to help protect and monitor your child's dental development throughout the years so that they can enjoy a lifetime of healthy smiles. Here are some of our Avon pediatric dental services:

Routine Oral Health Exams: We conduct routine exams to identify and address any dental problems before it escalates. We look for signs of tooth decay, damage, and infection during the evaluation. We also check for signs of bite problems and will refer your child to a trusted specialist in case of orthodontic issues.

Frenectomies: When the frenum is too short or tight, your child can encounter problems when speaking or eating. Frenectomy is a safe procedure that treats lip-ties and tongue ties to improve your child's ability to eat and speak. We offer frenectomies with laser technology to maximize your child's comfort and shorten the treatment and recovery period.

Pulpotomy: Pulpotomy treats tooth decay and infection in baby teeth by removing the infected pulp. The procedure does not interfere with the root, allowing your child's tooth to continue developing. If your child is struggling with tooth decay, a pulpotomy can eliminate the infection, prevent further damage, and preserve your child's natural tooth structure.

Fillings: If your child has minor tooth decay, mild cracks or fractures, worn or chipped teeth, or mild tooth gaps, dental fillings can help. We can repair mild to moderate tooth damage with dental fillings to restore your kid's bite function and smile aesthetics.

Dental Crowns: Dental crowns cover the entire tooth to correct dental flaws like chips, cracks, worn teeth, and severe discoloration. They also protect and strengthen teeth after root canal therapy, treat bite issues, and improve smile aesthetics. We provide quality tooth-colored dental crowns to match your child's smile for natural-looking results.

Extraction: Although we are committed to preserving your child's natural teeth, we also perform dental extractions when necessary. Our Avon pediatric dentist is gentle and will take measures to make the procedure as comfortable as possible.

Preventive Dental Care for Kids and Teens in Avon

Preventive dental services aim to prevent issues like tooth decay and gum disease before they occur. Usually, it involves professional dental cleaning and fluoride treatments administered by our gentle pediatric dentist.

During your kid's biannual professional dental cleaning, our team will clean your child's teeth to remove plaque and tartar, including under the gum line and between teeth where it can be hard to reach. We also polish your child's teeth and provide instructions in kid-friendly language to encourage good oral hygiene habits at home. Besides cleaning, we also offer fluoride treatments, which strengthen your child's teeth and help protect them from decay or infection.

Comfortable Environment for Young Patients

Pediatric dentistry in AvonAs a family-focused practice, we provide a comfortable, safe, and relaxing atmosphere to ensure our young patients have the best experience before, during, and after treatment. Our office and oral examination rooms are child-friendly to keep your child comfortable and relaxed.

We also have a team of compassionate professionals with the training to work with kids to make their visit as enjoyable as possible. Our staff uses kid-friendly language when communicating with your child to create open and honest dialogue to build a trusting relationship, ensure efficient treatment, and cultivate a positive attitude towards oral health. Since kids can feel intimidated about dental visits, we also provide sedation with nitrous oxide when needed to help with anxiety and keep them relaxed.

Great Pediatric Dental Care in Avon

At Associates in Family Dentistry, we understand that it's crucial for kids to start seeing a pediatric dentist as early as possible. Even if your child doesn't appear to have dental issues, it is essential to book a dental appointment and go for regular checkups to identify and halt any potential problems. Our team is friendly and committed to helping your child enjoy a positive dental experience. You can count on us to provide age-appropriate education and quality pediatric dental care. Contact us today to schedule your child's dental visit today!



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