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Sleep Apnea

Sleep Apnea Dentistry in Avon

Snoring will not only disrupt your sleep and other people around you but can also be a sign of a severe sleep disorder known as sleep apnea. That is why you need to seek treatment for a dentist if you experience snoring while sleeping at night. At Associates in Family Dentistry, we provide sleep apnea treatment to patients in Indianapolis and surrounding areas. Our dentists are highly trained and experienced in identifying and addressing sleep apnea and snoring, and we'll work with you to find the solution that works best for you.

We're committed to helping you find relief from your sleep apnea to enjoy a healthier quality of life. Our oral appliances are customized to your smile and offer effectiveness and comfort. If you are looking for a seasoned sleep apnea dentist, please call our office to set up your appointment with one of our seasoned and caring dentists.


What Is Sleep Apnea?

Obstructive sleep apnea is a condition where the airway becomes blocked during sleep because the surrounding muscles relax, cutting off oxygen. The body then forces the sleeper to wake up so they can regain their breathing. This can occur multiple times during the night, even though the sleeping person may not remember waking. An individual with sleep apnea may never get the deep, restful sleep that the body needs because of the constant interruptions to their sleep cycle.

At our practice, we have experience helping patients suffering from sleep apnea. Dr. Booher is trained and experienced in sleep therapy and is a Diplomate of the American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine and the American Sleep and Breathing Academy. His training and experience allow him to identify signs of sleep apnea and refer you for a sleep study to determine whether this condition is affecting you. We can also offer relief to patients through our custom oral appliances.

What Are the Common Signs of Sleep Apnea?

Every patient suffering from sleep apnea will have unique sets of symptoms. However, some symptoms are common in most cases. You may have sleep apnea if you experience:

  • Restless sleep
  • Choking sounds and consistent, loud snoring
  • Daytime fatigue and lack of motivation
  • Mood swings and forgetfulness
  • Intense morning headaches
  • Red or sore throat and dry mouth
  • Worn or broken teeth and increased cavities
  • Inflamed or receding gums

Most people, especially those who sleep alone, do not know they have sleep apnea and may not seek snoring treatment. If you see these signs, be sure to schedule a visit with our dentists. We'll perform a thorough exam to look for oral symptoms of sleep apnea and help you receive the treatment you need.

How Is Sleep Apnea Treated?

There are different treatment options for sleep apnea patients, with the most common being continuous positive airway pressure or CPAP. CPAP machines are effective, but some people find them uncomfortable and difficult to use. In such cases, sleep apnea appliances may offer a more comfortable alternative.

Our team works with you to evaluate your situation and provide treatment that fits your needs. We are proud to offer custom sleep appliances that are designed specifically for your bite and sleep problems. These appliances comfortably shift the resting position of your jaws or tongue to keep your airway clear and alleviate the symptoms of sleep apnea. We also offer oral appliances to help with snoring.

Are Oral Appliances Safe To Use?

Yes, oral appliances are very safe to use. The FDA has approved over 100 oral devices that have been tested for effectiveness and safety. Oral appliances for sleep apnea or snoring relief are similar to mouth guards for teeth grinding and sports mouthguards. This makes them relatively comfortable and easy to use.

Your Sleep Apnea Dentist in Indianapolis

Whether you are struggling with poor sleep, low energy, daytime sleepiness, or health problems that affect your sleep and everyday lifestyle or want to treat your snoring problems, our dentists at Associates in Family Dentistry can help. We have the training and experience to professionally manage snoring and sleep apnea problems using oral appliance therapy. Our dentists will help you choose the most comfortable and practical dental device for your situation. Call our office today to set up your initial appointment with our sleep apnea dentist to help you get better sleep each night.



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